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life after livejournal?

I hadn't been taking any of the rumours about Livejournal's possible impending doom seriously, as for years there have been transfers of ownership & other changes, which I've not really cared about as I don't feel it's ever affected my journalling experience. But now that I've learned that chasethestars has just lost her job at the livejournal office in San Francisco, I'm starting to wonder if there is a possibility that we will lose lj.

&that thought does make me sad; I had my first lj in 2000, when it first started (my first account is an early adopter account), and have since transferred the entire archives of all my online journalling (from 1998!) over so they are all in one place. I'm not worried about my entries as I backup regularly using lj archive (highly recommended! It saves your comments & everything), but I will be sad if the community disappears. I love that I have been able to keep in touch with some of the very first people I ever met online (in 1997) through lj, that there are many amazing journals & people I have discovered through this community. I don't know if it would be the same anywhere else now. I mean, I know other journalling places have communities of people, but I've gotten so used to this one, the friends I have made through this particular site after all these years. Some people I've never talked to, but I've been following their entries for like 6 years! I would miss that.

&I suppose it's partly laziness too; I love that it's all here on one site, that I can click on a friends link, and read the entries without having to go to multiple sites. I use an RSS reader to keep up with the other sites & blogs I read regularly so it's not like I couldn't add everyone's individual blog sites to that & keep up almost as easily; but the community feeling just isn't the same!

If livejournal disappears, where do you think you'll go? I can't imagine not having a blog site of some sort... I'm terrible with keeping up with emails & things, so I'd no doubt lose touch with some people quite quickly. There are so many people who's entries I would miss. I don't know where I'd move to.

If you have another site set up somewhere (I know a few of you have already snagged accounts at insanejournal & other similar places, just in case), please let me know? Or email addresses, accounts, facebook etc. Just in case I need to find you again.

[just for the record: my email address is jade.court @]
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