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"you fall into the wishing well"

After spending 2 beautiful summer days indoors, hunched over a computer & stack of articles & having twenty tabs open in Firefox researching things, I think I am finally finished with my economics assignment :] I need to reread it in the morning and make sure it does actually make sense though... after nearly 15 hours spent on it today, all the words are blurring in my mind. But having it almost done is a lovely relief. Even if I still have loads of other readings to catch up on this week.

To celebrate, tomorrow (today?) Noel & I are going to a bridal expo; I've never been to one before and even though we only want a small wedding, I wouldn't mind getting some ideas & quotes for photographers & things like that. Wedding planning has kind of halted for the moment, and I am hoping that tomorrow's expo will reignite our enthusiasm to plan it! I still like the idea of eloping though...

&the happiest thing this weekend? FINDING LIVE RECORDINGS OF 9 LILY HOLBROOK SHOWS ♥ ♥ ♥ I have literally been looking for 2 years for live recordings of any of her shows; I had one, that I loved so much, but I couldn't seem to find any others. Then last night I stumbled across a fabulous website that had these 9 shows - and the quality is really good too, really clear. so fucking happy. Bootlegs are my crack! I am uploading them for razorwireshrine right now, so if anyone else wants them, let me know :] in one of the shows, she does a cover of Tori's "Winter"; it's beautiful & different, and I just love that I have a recording of Lily doing a Tori cover! I will upload that one & post it next time.

(random fact: My charts say that my most listened to artist in 2008 was Lily, NOT Tori!! ;] Who would have thought someone else would eclipse Tori for my most listened to?)

oh, &I got those shoes I ordered from ebay and I fxcking love them. SIX INCH HEELS, BITCHES! They are surprisingly comfortable too.

okay, sleep now. xx
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