scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

dinner ideas

We need new meal ideas.

We have gotten into such a routine with our evening meals, and really, food should not be boring! However, I blame this more on a lack of time, rather than plain laziness; between us both working full-time during the week, me studying most nights & Noel's commitments to the kids (like picking Ben up from football training even on nights when they don't stay with us), spending ages preparing a meal is the last thing we feel like doing (or have time to do). Unfortunately, my imagination when it comes to food is rather limited, but I think it's time we introduced some new ideas.

So, a question for everyone: what do you have for dinner during an average week? What do you prepare when you come home from work, what are some of your favourites to cook when you don't really want to spend ages on one meal? We're not vegetarian so meat suggestions are welcome If you have them. Favourite recipes or suggestions are most definitely welcome! We just need some ideas to get us through another busy year...
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