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scarlet's walk

"they told you your music could reach millions"

The Ani concert last night was FANTASTIC. I loved it so much; she had so much energy & was absolutely amazing to watch & listen to live. Our front row seats were so good; we were right in front of her! She played so many fabulous songs - Shy, Alla This, Present/Infant, Napolean, Red Letter Year, November 4 (!! I was so happy she played that one especially), Untouchable Face, The Atom... and in between almost every song she talked to the audience, sharing random stories & memories & comments about the heat (!) Her music is so incredible live and she is so gorgeous & warm & just amazing.

It was the type of show where the lyrics & the drum beats & the energy from the stage get into your veins, and makes you feel alive. As though as long as you had that moment, nothing could hurt you again.

just show me a moment that is mine, it's beauty blinding and unsurpassed

and I don't think war is noble, and I don't like to think that love is like war

we took each other higher, then we set each other free

and I've got myself a new mantra, it says don't forget to have a good time

setlist! though she played 32 Flavours as the last encore song, which isn't on here

oh, leave me here surrounded
by everything that's real
far outside the boundaries
of the digitized ordeal
leave me here awake
leave me here to heal

Tags: ani difranco, music
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