scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

weekend away

We are home & all talked out; this weekend has been a whirlwind of meeting people & introductions & parties & family meals. It has been wonderful, but I am normally a pretty introverted person, and I don't always talk all the time, so this weekend has been a bit exhausting with constantly talking to so many new people. But I am not complaining! It was fabulous to finally meet Noel's mother, & his 3 older brothers & younger sister & their families (I suppose when we get married, the kids will be my nieces!); after so many years now of getting all their names mixed up, finally I have faces & real people to associate with those names. We met lots of Noel's old school friends, classmates & band members; some people he hadn't seen in over 20 years. There were lots of old memories & stories I hadn't heard before :] Noel took me around the town he grew up; his old houses, the schools, places he used to hang out. These are pieces of him that I finally got to share.

&I adored his family, and hope that maybe, we can go over there a little bit more often now, now that there are cheap flights available & his family seem to approve of me ;]
Tags: noel, travel, weekend breaks
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