scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

"you gotta bring your own sun, now don't you forget"

x. I have spent the last 2 hours trying to remove a virus from my computer. I think it's fixed... I hope it's fixed. That was a stressful start to the day that I certainly didn't need.

x. I am already worrying about the amount of work next semester will bring. I got my textbooks for the subjects last night; $411 worth of Income Tax and Corporate Law readings. fxck. Work is crazy at the moment too, and I really want to start putting in some more 10 hour days, just to get the work done, but I am worried about finding that balance between work, study & life.

x. On a happier note, Tori's US tour starts (in less than an hour, if my time zone conversion is correct!), and I am so excited. I am stalking all the forums for setlist updates, haha. I am looking forward to new bootlegs, hearing the new versions of old songs that she has been talking about (apparently China & some other solo songs have been reworked to include the band) ♥ I still don't love her latest album (although I adore Give and Ophelia immensely), but her music is so special to me, and the thought of new bootlegs over the next several months is the glimmer of light I need to get me through these crazy, work-filled times.

x. Noel & I finally have a Saturday night without the kids! We are going for a drive & having our favourite fish&chips for tea, and I can't wait. Last night I picked him up from an industry function he was at, and saw some people I used to worth with (way back when Noel & I worked together). Because I am super professional, I had gone from work, and was carrying my Emily Strange tote bag, into a hotel lobby filled with business suits & ties. HA.

x. I have been reading Francesca Lia Block's new book "The Waters & The Wild" & watching the Australia's Next Top Model finale, & trying to be inspired again by something.
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