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Just saw Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince...

If I don't compare the movie to the book, then for the most part, I loved it; except even without thinking of the book, I felt very underwhelmed by the ending scenes. The scene on top of the Astronomy tower, Dumbledore's death, the (non-existant) fight in Hogwarts... I expected much more from those. It should have been much more dramatic that it was :[ But I loved Draco (I thought that Tom Felton did a wonderful job), & Bellatrix & Luna, of course ♥ I wish they had left out the scene at the Burrow & made the ending truer to the book, & even though I understood why they cut out most of Dumbledore's memories, it leaves out so much of understanding why Voldemort chose the particular items he did for horcruxes, which might be a problem in the last film/s? But really, even though it obviously leaves out so much of the book, I thought it was quite good, just the ending could have been a lot better. I didn't even cry when Dumbledore died, even though I wept at the ending of the book.

{The books are always 1000x better than the films, even though the films do have lovely eyecandy ♥}

We saw the movie in gold class theatre, which was lovely; dinner bought to us on trays when we wanted it (I had salmon & sour cream on linseed bread, it was gorgeous!), & plenty of popcorn & reclining chairs! It was so comfortable. We're going to take Millie to see it next weekend, just regular theatre though :]

This weekend = lots & lots of study, & squeefests with the psychic twin during Tori's shows on both days ♥

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