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Good things:

thebluebells will be here this weekend!! I haven't seen her since February, and I am so excited to spend the weekend with her. I have not had any time to see friends at all this semester, but we have had this weekend planned for months now. We are planning a weekend of visiting bookstores & markets & eating good food. PERFECT.

♥ We also got our tickets for Kate Miller-Heidke today; she will be performing in Adelaide the night before Tori is, in November, and thebluebells just happens to arrive on the same day, so of course we are going to see her as well. Third row centre tickets! November is going to be amazing - 3 Tori shows in 3 cities, and a Kate show as well. Though thebluebells is actually seeing Tori 4 times and Kate 2 times that month ;] But I am very happy with the shows that Noel & I will be seeing - it is going to be such a wonderful way to celebrate my degree being finished.

♥ I got a package full of BPAL decants from the recent Halloween update - fxck, I love BPAL. edenssixthscent always has such great decant circles too. I got decants of most of the scents in that update, except for a couple which I went straight for bottles, and a few that didn't sound like me at all; I'm going to have fun testing these out over the next few weeks. I also might have placed another BPAL order today too...

♥ I am also addicted to Villainess Smack now - delicious foaming scrubs, containing 4 layers of scent which you can select & combine from a list. These scrubs are gorgeous - and the scent possibilities are amazing. I received my first 2 last week (one, a combination of various sugary scents, the other, a fruity, berry selection), and just placed an order for, um, 4 more today. Plus some other bits & pieces. My argument is that I'm supporting independent businesses...

♥ Noel & I had a gorgeous picnic dinner on Friday night: 4 different types of cheeses, turkish bread, smoked salmon, kabana, dried fruit, nuts, crackers. It was so good. I am so looking forward to spending more time at the markets and buying more locally produced foods once my exams are over.

♥ Scented candles & mixes & new Tori bootlegs & planning a new Amazon order [end-of-exam tradition!] & Noel & looking forward to summer are getting me through the days. 21 days to go...
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