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New Years Eve was spent with Noel, having a Project Runway marathon & reading the long-awaited Asylum Book by Emilie Autumn, and there was nowhere else I would have rather been.

2010 is going to be a wonderful year. I am so blessed with everything I have - an amazing partner, a career that I enjoy & challenges me, stepkids I adore, special friends. This year, I am going to marry my soulmate (♥), and travel to Europe & the US. There are exciting things happening at work at the moment, potential opportunities to learnlearnlearn, & more study in the latter half of 2010 which will only help me further. I am going to improve my cooking skills & read more books & get back into scrapbooks & paper journalling & other creative outlets, and continue to nurture those friendships that are truly worth having.

I am looking forward, and I am excited by what is ahead, and what is here, right now. No need to look back, or to live in the past; life is about moving forwards and I am glad to do so.
Here's to an amazing 2010.
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