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14 August 2001 @ 09:59 pm
hey everyone :)

Well, I'm still here, but I'm not going to be updating too much for the next few weeks... my play starts this Friday night!! So we have rehearsals every night, and I'm a bit stressed and stuff... although not heaps, because I'm positive that it's all going to turn out fine (we have the set up now, and in last night's rehearsal, things were working out really well.. there were some moments of "pure gold" as one person put it). Anyway, I know I haven't been to any one's site in ages, or commented or eproped, and I'm dreadfully sorry about that, but I've been a bit busy :\ So yeah, just bear with me for the next few weeks, and once this play is over & done with, I'll be back to normal. Really :)

But until then... wish me luck for the play! Or at least, think of us this Friday as Opening Night approaches :) I'll try and update when I can, but... we'll see :)