scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

"feels like home to me"

our wedding day, 17/04/2010

Our wedding day was absolutely perfect. It was truly everything we wanted it to be, and now we are married ♥

I will write a proper update very soon, but we are somewhat stressed out at the moment, as the Iceland volcano has quite disrupted our travel plans. We were meant to be flying to Europe tomorrow but are changing our plans so that we head out to New York on Thursday instead; however, there are a ton of changes to be made in reservations, train tickets, and other sorts of bookings.

But I will update with more about our wedding before we leave.
Our wonderful photographer has updated her own blog with a few of the photos taken on the day (she took over 600!), so if you would like a preview...

ps: thankyou so much for all your well wishes! ♥

Tags: wedding
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