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"together they make one master of death"

I don't think I have ever cried so much during a movie, ever!

zomg. I have generally been a tiny bit disappointed with the other Harry Potter movies in the past; but the Deathly Hallows (part 1) was AMAZING. Noel & I saw it last night in Gold Class, and I just loved it. I cried & cried & cried. It had been a little while since I read the books so I didn't remember all the little details, which was a good thing because in the past it has felt really obvious when something was left out; but this one flowed brilliantly. oh, I really, really enjoyed it, definitely my most favourite one out of all the movies so far.

General thoughts:

- The opening scene where Hermoine is wiping her parent's memories, and erasing herself from all the photos made me sob like crazy, holy shit.
- Clemence Posy back as Fleur = love! I adored her wedding dress <3
- Fred and George are fabulous, I am going to be an absolute wreck in the next film :[
- Bonnie Wright as Ginny really hasn't gotten anymore interesting; then again, she only had about 1 line (that was enough though).
- I got so excited seeing the streets of London, squee :D
- There so has to be a Ministry of Magic elevator ride at the Harry Potter theme park...
- I was a bit worried that some of the scenes where they are on the run might be a bit slow in the movie (because I'll admit to finding parts of the previous movies a bit boring now & then...), but they really weren't so yay :] &oh, the Forest of Dean was so pretty, so snowy & lovely!
- I really liked Hermoine's grey coat >< WANT!
- The visit to Harry's parents grave at Godric Hollow made me cry too, especially when Hermoine cast the spell for the wreath of flowers to appear...
- Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix was as crazy&insane&perfect as ever.
- I loved the beautiful drawings & animations to illustrate the story of the Three Brothers - so, so beautiful! One of my favourite scenes out of the whole series of movies, I think.
- Even though Malfoy was only in the film for about 5 minutes, I still love him. I hope he gets more screen time in the next film.
- Dobby, holy fxcking shit. I absolutely adored him in the books, but I didn't like the portrayal of him in the Chamber of Secrets movie (he annoyed me...) but dkfjkdldhjdl, I started sobbing the moment he came to rescue everyone from the Malfoy's place, and totally did not stop until the credits started rolling. I DIDN'T WANT HIM TO DIE OKAY? he was so cute. hahaha, I loved the part where he was sitting on the chandelier unscrewing it in a so not-very-subtle way ;D

IS IT JULY 2011 YET?!?!?!
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