scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

switching to a Mac...

After years of saying I was going to do it, today I bought my first Mac computer :)
It is a 17" MacBook Pro, whom I've named Space Dog :]
I haven't started setting it up yet, but I've been buying software for the last few weeks (taking advantage of my student discount before my old uni ID expires at the end of the year!), such as MS Office, Adobe CS5, Roxio Toast; and downloading programs like Transmission for Bittorrent and VLC player.

For those of you who use Macs, could you please recommend me your must-have software programs, such as programs for unzipping/compressing files, listening to music, converting bittorrent files, etcetc... there are always so many different programs out there, it's hard to know which ones to start with!
Also, does anyone use an anti-virus program with their Mac, or is it really not necessary?

Thankyou in advance xx
Tags: geek girl
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