scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

books read in 2012

this year HAS to be a better year for finishing books...

01. This is a Call: The Life and Times of Dave Grohl - by Paul Brannigan (finished 1-January)
02. House of Dolls - by Francesca Lia Block (finished 2-January)

(oh look... I've already done better than last year...)

03. The Shifting Fog - by Kate Morton (finished 9-Jan)
04. The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde - by Robert Louis Stevenson (finished 10-Jan)
05. The Carrie Diaries - by Candace Bushnell (finished 4-Feb)
06. Mini Shopaholic - by Sophie Kinsella (finished 12-Feb)
07. The Hunger Games - by Suzanne Collins (finished 17-Mar)
08. Catching Fire - by Suzanne Collins (finished 18-Mar)
09. Mockingjay - by Suzanne Collins (finished 22-Mar)
10. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life - by Barbara Kingsolver [reread] (finished 30-Jun)
11. Beautiful Boy: A Father's Journey Through His Son's Addiction - by David Sheff [reread] (finished 8-Jul)
12. Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamines - by Nic Sheff [reread] (finished 14-Jul)
13. Daughter of Smoke and Bone - by Laini Taylor (finished 20-Jul)
14. We All Fall Down: Living With Addiction - by Nic Sheff (finished 27-Jul)
15. The Northern Lights - by Philip Pullman [reread] (finished 31-Jul)
16. The Subtle Knife - by Philip Pullman [reread] (finished 5-Aug)
17. The Amber Spyglass - by Philip Pullman [reread] (finished 24-Aug)
18. I Am Number Four - Pittacus Lore (finished 6-Sept)
19. Wrestling With Starbucks: Conscience, Capital, Cappuccino - by Kim Fellner (finished 21-Sept)
20. Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America - by Barbara Ehrenreich (finished 30-Sept)
21. The Casual Vacancy - by JK Rowling (finished 7-Oct)
22. Days of Blood & Starlight - by Laini Taylor (finished 7-Dec)
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