scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

how could it be that you ruined my everything?

Argh. I hate that I'm never updating this weblog depsite my best intentions to write at least something whenever I come online. Which is fairly often. I really am a procrastinator, although I don't exactly know from what. Isn't updating your weblog what you do when you WANT to procrastinate from something? I never did have this thing completely figured out.

I started back at ballet tonight after 4 weeks of missing classes because of "The Blue Couch" performances. I'm going twice a week now though, so hopefully I can catch up to where everyone else. But as my teacher pointed out, I'm in a class with girls who have been dancing since they were 4 years old. I can't expect to catch up in a heartbeat, although my own perfectionist tendencies are telling me to get up to speed asap. I can't keep feeling as though I'm falling behind.

Tomorrow night I'm starting musical theatre classes, and I'm so incredibly excited. And I'll get to see Jacki again!! Yay :) I miss the other dancers from the Blue Couch.


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