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*laughs* My sister figured out how to post on my Xanga site, somehow. I jumped on the computer, opened up my site, and discovered a bunch of links she had posted on my site. I don't think she knows this site exists... I think she just hit the "XTools" button on my browser, and then must have hit submit. So... yeah. That was amusing anyway.

I changed my costume for the Seven Deadly Sins party tomorrow night. I'm going as a Peacock now (for Pride). Not very original, I'm sure, but when I saw the Peacock mask, I *had* to get it. It's really quite lovely. I'll wear my long black skirt, and my black "gothic" blouse, and the mask... so perhaps I'll be a gothic peacock. Heh. Only joking. It'll be fun. Hopefully I'll be able to find the place alright, but I might call Andrew and see if he wants a lift to the party tomorrow night. That way I won't have to turn up on my own. I hate doing that, especially when I won't know many people there.

I tried to SMS Nathan to see if he was going to the party (the one thing I forgot to ask him on Tuesday night during our cafe talk), but I don't know if his phone is accepting incoming calls or SMS. Weird. I hope he'll be there anyway. I could do with seeing him again before the next rehearsal [& it's not what you think]

And the Mt Gambier trip is no longer happening. I think Charlotte just gave up on it.. but we're still going away. Just not next weekend... but the weekend after. For 2 days, we're staying up in the hills, at some place. It'll be alright... at least we're getting away, right? And that was the whole point of it. Still, I'm slightly annoyed that I already booked holidays from work, and will be off from next Tuesday, when it turns out that I don't need to be. I could have done with the extra money I'd have made. Nevermind... I can also do with the time off.

I'm trying to find somewhere to take singing lessons... but everywhere is so expensive. This place would be alright (and it's right by my Uni), but can I really afford that much, 4 times a year? Perhaps not. I need to make priorities and work out whats important to me, but right now... I just can't think of anything. Except that I miss singing.

I got my video of "Waltzes from Vienna" the other day - the Operetta that I was in, in May. The quality of it is not so good, but watching it brought back all the memories of being in that show. And I realised that I needed to start singing again, learn music of some sort, perform again. Maybe that's what I'm missing out on when I'm directing. The chance to actually BE onstage. As much as I'd like to deny it, it's exciting. Being backstage just isn't the same.

Tonight, I'm going to see "Shrek" with Kristy, and I'm excited. I know it's going to rock.

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