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I just got home from another Le Reve party at Belinda's place - this time, it was skincare. It was fun, but what is interesting is that I'm actually considering becoming a Le Reve consultant.

Melinda - the girl who has been running the parties I've been to (and also the one I had at my own place a couple of weeks ago) - is taking me to a Le Reve training night on Monday night, which will be one way for me to learn more about what's involved, and whether it's for me or not. I'm looking forward to it.

So why the sudden interest? I'm not completely sure. Maybe it stems from my recent (or perhaps not so recent) indecision about my future - what do I want to do, what am I interested in, where do I want to work. In a past post, I mentioned that the first thing I had to do was work out what I was interested in. Maybe some of my ideas weren't too helpful, but there ARE things I'm interested in, that perhaps I could use to find... not a career, but an opportunity. Yes, lets call it an opportunity - ignoring the fact that I can't actually spell it.

As shallow as it sounds, I like things like aromatherapy, skincare, and perfume. It's shallow, possibly unimportant, yet... it's there. It's not up there with saving the world or finding a cure for cancer that doesn't involve losing your hair, but it's certainly all around us. And yes, it's definitely something that the hardcore feminists have renounced. But... who cares? There are worse things to be interested in.

Ahem. But back to my topic. So yeah... I'm interested in that stuff. What are the ranges that Le Reve deal with? Aromatherapy, skincare, and perfume. What is Le Reve about? Getting other people interested, or more to the point, playing on their interest. Telling people about this stuff, making sales, making money (heh, lets not beat around the bush).

I never used to be completely comfortable with talking in front of big groups of people. I don't know if this would come as a surprise to anyone, but I can be pretty reserved. When I first started directing, I hid behind other people (only at first, mind you - now I'm being accused of taking over too much, but that's a whole other story...)... now I get a thrill from talking in front of groups of people - at least, about stuff that I'm confident about.

My point being, I could definitely do this party stuff. The only thing I'm not sure about is the whole... selling aspect. I don't like being a sales person (which is probably why I'm only on the registers at work, and not on the floor trying to make people buy $500 golf sets...), and I don't like shoving opinions down someone's throat. Ideas, yes. Opinions, no. So this could be an interesting test of principles.

Some other reasons for why I'm considering this Le Reve job... it's extra money. For example: for doing 2 parties each week, you can earn $800 a month. Not too bad for what, 6 hours work?! It's about what I earn working at Rebel, for doing 16 hours or so a week. Of course, I'd keep working at Rebel, because you have no idea how these things could turn out. But I'm trying to save to go overseas next year, and I have a feeling that next semester at Uni, money worries are going to crop up again. If I had some extra money to fall back on, to go into Savings, or pay for textbooks, or whatever... I could stop worrying about money so much. And wouldn't that be a wonderful feeling.

And who knows? Maybe I need to get out and do more things that interest me, so that I can stop feeling as though I have no real purpose in life. I have my drama, but that doesn't seem to be enough. This sort of thing could be incredibly self- empowering, and even if it doesn't work out, it would give me an idea at least. You should never wipe out options until you've tried them. That's my theory, anyway.

However, my only other worry is the time issue... I've been well-known for over commiting myself and having nervous breakdowns towards the end of every semester for the last year and a half (or longer?)... However, if I organise myself well (and how often have I said that?!)... and plus, if it can help offset some of my money worries, maybe I wouldn't have to work at Rebel as much... so maybe it will all work out that way.

So I'll go to the training night next Monday, and I'll take it from there. Maybe it will be for me, or maybe it won't, but I can only try. Right?

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