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I'm not sure if it's Telstra, or because I'm downloading many MP3's from Morpheus, but my connection is extra slow tonight. So while I wait for pages to load, I'll just type meaningless babble into this little box here, and pretend that people might actually read this stuff. Just kidding!! First of all, I wanted to thank everyone who has been leaving me comments (and eprops! Even though I still have no idea what they're used for) in my posts over the last week or so... they really make me feel good! So thankyou!! I really appreciate it.

So tonight isn't too exciting over here, but I'm quite content. I just finished drinking a can of that new Lift Plus Energy drink, and for the first time in awhile, I don't feel tired. It's lovely. I don't know if it's actually the drink working, or whether it's a psychological thing - that I've convinced myself that the drink worked, and therefore, I should keep downing it. Well, it's better for me than Coke, right? Perhaps. Caffeine was never my true love anyway.

Work was actually alright today. Oops, I think I said that about Thursday night's shift too, so maybe I ought to get a new line. No, seriously, it wasn't too busy, which was nice, yet time still seemed to go quite quickly. The morning flew past, my lunch break was enjoyable, and I barely remember what happened between the hours of 2pm and 3pm because it seemed to happen in a flash. A rare occassion, no doubt. However, this brings me to my next topic:

Customers. And how much I hate them.

Okay, maybe that statement's a little too broad. I don't hate all of them. Mybe 90% of them. Nahhhh... there are decent people out there. Unfortunately, one truly bad customer can wreck your whole entire day, no matter how many lovely customers you serve before and after the afore mentioned bad customer. These people seem to make it their purpose in life to RUIN OTHER PEOPLE'S DAYS. The sort of people who get off on making snide and inappropriate comments about things us poor sales people have no control over. And of course, I'm not just talking about retail - I'm talking about anything that deals with serving the general public. Food service. Hospitality. Entertainment. We all have to deal with the same, nasty people.

I just don't get it. Well, maybe I do. Okay, so consumers have rights, possibly more rights than the sales staff who are working for them (and just WHO made up that ridiculous motto, "The customer is always right"???) We are involved in customer service, meaning we have to SERVE them. HOWEVER. This does NOT mean we deserve to be treated like crap, treated as though we have no real purpose in our lives, as though we are all a bunch of lowly, pathetic, grovelling imbecilles. I'm sick of being looked down on by customers simply because I work behind a register. So maybe being a check-out chick (or "regie chicks" as we like to call ourselves at Rebel) isn't the most ambitious thing, but hey, a girl has to earn a living somehow, right? And until I finish my degree and get some qualifications ("all in good time, my dear, all in good time" - The Wicked Witch of the West), being a regie chick is fine by me.

But it's not the condescending tones in which some customers choose to speak to me in that bothers me the most. It's the RUDENESS. The BLAME we get for things that are beyond our control. Like when it's busy and we're all working as damn fast as we can (and face it, those things we call registers can only work so quickly - we all know what technology is like!), and people rip into us for having to wait in a line. Well excuse me... if you don't want to wait to be served, then don't come shopping on a Saturday afternoon when half the general public are also out shopping! Really, all it takes it a little common sense.

Customer service bites. But I think I'll end my rant there, because God knows I could go on for plenty long enough.

With the exception of dealing with angsty customers (exception? Considering retail is all about customer service, I somehow don't think I could dismiss it as an exception, but for the purpose of this post...) work is fine enough. Monotonous, but easy. And all the time I'm forming closer bonds with the people I work with. Marcus is the most recent one - suddenly we've discovered a common interest in the arts, movies, and writing, which gives rise to new & interesting conversations in our break. It's nice to have someone like that to talk to, someone who understands how hard it is to be true to your creativity but still remain in the real world. And not only that, but he shares my deep dislike for customers (even moreso than me - I can at least admit that there are some decent customers out there), and has a Masters degree in psychology. So we can relate well.

I think I'm looking forward to going to sleep tonight. For some odd reason, I woke up suddenly at around 3am this morning, and couldn't get back to sleep for a few hours. Had I not had to work a 9 hour shift today, I probably would have gotten out of bed and just enjoyed the stillness of the early morning, but dealing with customers is bad enough when you're well rested, an absolute nightmare when all you can think about is sleep. So instead, I lay in bed, and tossed and turned and reflected on my strange dream and reminisced about a boy I liked last year, before lapsing into a somewhat pitiful sleep for an hour before my alarm went off. Strangely enough, I wasn't all that tired today either. However, it will be lovely to sleep in tomorrow morning. Since I don't have rehearsal until 4pm tomorrow afternoon, I can actually stay in bed for a while. Of course, this means I'll probably be up at 8am or something ridiculous... my mind is funny like that. It likes to play the devil's advocate.

And before I go, I must send out love to my new subscribers, and let them know how much I appreciate their interest in my weblog!! So go visit: RnbwDrm, Unconditional, StarLightDancer, sarahsea, ccbg420, mystikalangel, Nyree, lildancer79, and MorningAngel!!Thanks again, my lovelies!

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