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about next year

and of course, I'm back to procrastinating.

I don't know why I put it off so much. Once I get started with the studying, it's really not too bad. If I just got straight to it, instead of making it out to be some horrible chore, then it would be less painful all around. But of course, where is the fun in that? Still, once I'm done with this post, I'm off to hit the books. Really. At least for a little while.

Work wasn't too bad last night. Actually, it wasn't even busy, except in one spot, when Sarah walked in... I wanted to chat to her, but it was the only time of the night where I was constantly busy for a little while. After that, it was pretty much dead. Not that I minded. One of the new girls that I trained awhile back, Jo, was on, and I hadn't worked with her for a little while, so it was a good chance to have a chat and stuff. So that was nice, she and I get along really well. I like it when it's quiet at work, and someone I like is working with me, because it's a good chance to just talk to them, and not do much work... hmmmm....

I've been trying to think about my options for next year. In all honesty, I have no idea what I'm going to do. This is my last year of my Arts degree, but as we all know, an Arts degree is worth... not much. If I knew what I wanted to do with my life, then maybe that would help. But I don't. I have a few ideas, but no clear focus... not really.

Of course, I'll be applying for the Directing course at NIDA, but that is such a dream I'd be insane to consider that as a viable option. Of course, I HAVE to apply, for the simple fact that if I don't apply, then I really have no chance of getting in. But I have to think realistically too.

What am I interested in? It's a question that's been plaguing me for the last several months. Actually, it's not just a question of what I'm interested in, but what do I want to do for a career? The things I'm interested in is the easy part - but most of it I couldn't exactly get a job in. Professional Shopper? Could be fun. Real Life Fairy? Somehow, I think not. Advocator for the Harry Potter series? Keep dreaming. And the list goes on.

I'm studying Psychology, but I don't think I want to be an actual psychologist - well, not in the sense of "sit on the couch, and lets start with your childhood". I don't like the idea of actually analysing people, and putting them in little boxes, making them all the same. I'm interested in Nutrition, and I used to want to work with people with eating disorders, so there's a possible option. Maybe I could be a nutritionist or something... that would be okay. I considered maybe being a child psychologist, or even a forensic psychologist, but my problem is.............. Actually, I don't even know what my problem is, except for the fact I have no idea what I'd be good at, what I'd enjoy.

Oh blah. This is too much to think about. I might take a year off from studying next year, and travel and work and stuff. Actually, I want to go to the US and do one of those summer camps in June... I'm still looking into that. It's just the fact whether I want to work at Rebel full-time until then... I have a feeling I may go slightly insane. Which could be fun.

there's a little bit of psycho in you after all....

But... until next year, I still have an exam coming up. If I don't stop contemplating my future right now, I may not have one because I'll still be trying to finish my bloody Arts degree!

In other words, I'm going off to study. really.

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