scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

Today I nearly got arrested. What a trip. It was exhilerating. But what's so dumb is the thing I nearly got arrested for. I mean, it's so stupid. Well, doing it was stupid and all, but it's not exactly something fancy, like hotwiring a jaguar and driving off into the sunset or something. Reusing postage stamps is pretty dumb, but it's not something to brag about. But that's what I got busted for. The cops were at my house at 7:45 this morning. The first thought when mum came in to wake me, saying "Jade, the police are here to see you!", was of the book I read last night. It was Virginia Andrews "Dawn", and in it, the police arrest her father on charges of kidnapping. But I haven't kidnapped anyone, so it wasn't that. Anyway, I got let off with a "warning", but if I do it again, I'll get charged. Whatever. So I won't do it again, I've learned my lesson. But anyway. It was amusing.

I'm doing so well in uni. I know that sounds like I'm bragging...but I'm happy with what I'm doing. I got 2 assignments back yesterday, a Distinction for my Computer assignment [which I thought I'd failed], and...a High Distinction for my Psychology report!!!!!!!!! [So I overdid it with the exclamation points...but, I'm excited]. I knew I'd done well with it [mainly because my tutor told me when I took it for him to check before I handed it in], but I was thinking I'll get a credit...maybe a Distinction, but it seemed big headed to think that, so I was going to be happy with a Credit. Actually, my friend Bec told me my grade before I saw it for myself [actually, she screamed it out]. Okay. I'm proud of myself for those grades...but I think I've said enough about it. I never got a High Distinction before. It seemed impossible. But...enough.

Mothers Day is coming up this weekend, I'm trying to make my mum a 3-D card. Well, a paper-tole one, that has parts of it raised and stuff. I think it will look okay once I get it finished. I don't know if I brought enough cards though. I think the woman at the shop thought I was crazy when I brought 3 identical Mothers Day cards. But oh well.

I need to ring Sarah and Kristy. I think it was about time we had our girl's night out.


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