scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

I had a pretty good day today. We had these talks to do in drama, which I guess I was freaking out about, as usual. Anyway, I ended up doing really well on it! After I finished and got off the stage, my teacher told me it was "excellent". Which is a pretty big compliment, coming from him. AND I even spoke slowly!! Which was amazing, because anyone who knows me, KNOWS that I can never speak slowly. And the funny thing was, I though that I was speaking too quickly, but he said it was fine. Whenever I think I'm speaking slow enough, it's always too fast. Go figure.

So, that was a good thing. Oh, and that other talk that I did in drama that I thought I'd stuffed up? Well, apparently, I did fine on that one too, we all (in the class) passed. So! So much for stressing about it, and it's good to know that I'm doing okay in all my classes.

I'm still happy with my hair. Everyone's telling me that it looks nice, plus I'm really happy with the change. This guy at uni, Adam, told me that he thought my hair looked good today. He's nice. ;) I caught him looking at me a few times today in class, when we were listening to everyone's talks. We were all sitting right up the back of the theatre, and I was sitting a row behind Adam (the back row), and about 3 seats to the left. He kept turning his head to the side and looking at me and smiling at me, which sometimes he knew I could see, and other times I was hiding behind (what's left of) my hair and looking at him out of the corner of my eye. And there were a few other times too, like during our breaks and we were all moving around everywhere. I dunno. I just thought it was kinda cute, ya know? I haven't noticed things like that since high school, and even though it's dumb, it's still nice, to know that someone is looking at you all the time. But anyway. He's 29, though, like 11 years older than me. But he's definately nice, he's not some sleazy old guy. I thought he was younger, actually. I was sitting with Anne & Ellen & Victoria anyway (friends in my drama class), but I find it easy to talk to him and stuff.

I'm making a new layout. I need one with more colour and stuff. That is, if I ever get the time to work at it. I have so many assignments at the moment, but who knows? It's only for the next couple of weeks.

I really need some money. How can I make some money?


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